Software solutions for production optimization.

      CAM for cutting | Sheet Metal Working | Robotics

      Cutting by fluid jet, punching, routing, etc. Programming of sheet metal working machines is our core business when it comes to CAD/CAM software.

      5-Axis cutting, cutting of tubes and sections, robotized cutting: our software control all the 3D cutting machines and all cutting robots, without any limit on the number of axes.

      We were pioneers in robotic CAD/CAM 20 years ago, and have accumulated unparalleled experience in developing off-line programming software for welding robots.

      Our unequaled expertise in cutting optimization enables us to provide industry and software vendors with the nesting solutions they need for every technology and material.

      Almacam meets the challenges of Industry 4.0: digitization of production, automation of sheet metal processes, integration of CAM into information systems, robotics, etc.

      We are completely integrated into the Cloud thanks to our optimization software components for software vendors and our on-line applications for industry.

      Almacam Tube now allows you to bypass the original CAD and edit imported models to meet specific manufacturing requirements.

      Thus the user can make all types of modifications and add, delete or edit the geometrical features of the part (holes, slots, end cuts, etc.).

      Another powerful new function makes very easy adding connections (pins, hooks, etc.) between the tubes of an assembly.

      Finally, it is also possible to unfold or unbend imported tubes in just a few clicks !

      Discover these new features in video.

      Our CAD/CAM software products control all the technological processes for sheet metal working and machine welding, from standard machines to the most complex installations that exist. They adapt to every production configuration and integrate into all the information systems. They deliver immediate measurable gains and are designed with the user’s comfort in mind.

      Our software products can be customized and easily integrated by a manufacturer or an integrator. Combined with the technical performance of the Alma software, this advantage gives the manufacturer’s solution decisive added value. Alma offers the manufacturer a bespoke partnership and a broad portfolio of services, right around the world.

      Alma is the only Cutting CAD/CAM vendor that in parallel with its software applications commercializes its nesting algorithms in the form of software components. These are designed to integrate into applications developed by third parties: CAD/CAM or ERP software developers, manufacturers commercializing their own software, etc.

      For 40 years our nesting algorithms have been contributing to delivering superior performance of our Cutting CAD/CAM software products, and now they are available on-line. We are also the only company that commercializes them as software components. Thanks to this unrivaled expertise and our 100% proprietary technology, our nesting software products are helping thousands of companies to save on material consumption, in many different sectors, and for every kind of material.

      31 March – 3 April 2020

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